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Jani Springer - Leadership and Legacy

My name is Jani Springer and I’m the leadership and legacy chair for PAISOC! I am a certified athletic trainer and I’m currently pursuing my master’s in education at Bethany College in West Virginia. My ethnicity is West Indian, and I grew up in southeastern Connecticut. My performing arts career started with tap and ballet when I was three years-old. After playing the flute and clarinet from elementary school to high school and with a background in gymnastics I found my performing arts niche was color guard. I have performed with the 7th Regiment, and the Boston Crusaders. I am still actively involved with the activity by incorporating my athletic training profession by providing medical services for drum corps’ like the Madison Scouts, the Santa Clara Vanguard and most recently the Colts.

The performing arts have played a significant role in my life from my closest friends to the person I have become today. I am a part of PAISOC because I believe that any person no matter what their background or financial state should have the opportunity to pursue their passion in the performing arts.