Our Mission

The Performing Arts Initiative for Students of Color (forthwith referred to as "PAISOC”) provides scholarships and programs to students of color to promote diversity, leadership, and advancement in the performing arts.

Specifically, PAISOC aims to:

  • Promote diversity in the performing arts, including but not limited to, drum and bugle corps and marching bands.
  • Fundraise annually to gain the necessary financial support to award scholarships to students of color – including Black, Latinx, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, and Native American students – in the performing arts.
  • Increase the amount of students of color from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York participating in the performing arts.
  • Provide mentorship and leadership training to scholarship recipients that teach life lessons and mold students into young leaders and role models.
  • Sponsor educational programs and activities that educate students of color in various performing arts.

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