Cynthia Su - Secretary

My name is Cindy Su and I am the secretary for PAISOC. I am currently work as a rape crisis counselor for teens and young adults in the North Shore of Massachusetts. I identify as a non-black or brown woman of color and as first generation Chinese American. I began started in the performance arts when I was a freshman in high school in the colorguard in my high school band. I grew up in a small and predominantly white town so by the time I was in high school,  the lack of diversity in the marching band was no surprise to me. It wasn’t until I started participating in winterguard, did I truly recognize the lack in diversity and actually saw other people of color performing at WGI events. I realized as I continued with my education, that representation and visibility is so crucial to P.O.C’s mental wellness and community, which drew me to this organization. I knew the rising costs of the performing arts and how it would further impact and economically marginalize P.O.C. communities and so this is the opportunity to help those communities and I wanted to be a part of something to help level the playing fields. This is why this is so important to me, because this could change a young person’s life and ability to access amazing performing opportunities.