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Jonathan Miller - Treasurer

Hello! My name is Jonathan Miller, the treasurer for PAISOC. I am a PhD student in microbiology at UMass Amherst and received my BS in biology at UConn Storrs. I marched 7th Regiment DBC for four seasons: two on G bugle, one as drum major, and my last one on baritone. At university, I performed with the Pride of Connecticut and participated in concert band. I believe that a complete education of our children must extend beyond traditional classroom learning. My own experiences through the performing arts helped me to improve innumerable and invaluable character traits ranging from technical skills like leadership and time management, to more difficult to define, but just as important traits, like compassion and a sense of personal responsibility. I hope to share these positive experiences by promoting a more inclusive and diverse membership in the performing arts (drum corps in particular) at time where skyrocketing membership fees are leaving young adults, especially from marginalized communities, with fewer opportunities to participate.